Here I am, Oregon

After 22 years living in Las Vegas, NV
I am making the journey to my new home
in Salem, OR.

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One legged squat!
Headstandin’ on the bridge by the river this afternoon.


I think it’s starting to hit me that i’m actually leaving Oregon in less than two weeks…

I spent a lot of time outdoors today in the woods, beneath the trees like I said I always would, but have realized I didn’t get to do much of while I was here. I won’t regret anything from this adventure in my life, except that I didn’t spend more time out there… even if it was alone. (even if it’s a little bit scary)

I’m not sure if I want to continue running this blog or not.
I mean, I leave Oregon in less than a month and I feel like my life here is really dull and uneventful anyway and I haven’t made much of a dent with this anyway. I wanted to be able to document the experiences I HAVE had here in one specific place and I have done so. I guess we will see how the next month plays outs.